Lisa Ryder Moore Lisa worked in advertising for several years then decided to leverage the skills used to market and sell products and apply them to sell awareness and behavior change on behalf of the planet.

Professional Background

  • Started and manages the first Green Business Programs in Southern California, bringing the California Green Business Network (CAGBN) to the area. Has certified 120 businesses to date, helping cities meet their sustainability and climate action goals.
  • Developed one of the first curbside recycling and backyard composting program in Southern California for the City of Manhattan Beach.
  • Developed composting programs for numerous cities and taught thousands of southern California residents how to backyard compost and vermicompost.
  • Implemented dozens of composting and vermicomposting programs at schools to educate students, parents, and staff about the benefits of composting and how to compost at school and home.
  • Managed numerous state recycling grants such as Used Oil and Beverage Container Recycling for several municipalities.
  • Set up recycling programs for thousands of businesses, saving millions of tons of resources from the landfill while cutting customers’ waste disposal fees.
  • Created and managed one of the first commercial and residential foodwaste recycling pilots in Los Angeles County.
  • Developed award- winning recycling and composting outreach campaigns for businesses and schools.
  • Work for municipalities all over southern California.

Dedicated thousands of volunteer hours to local environmental education and activism…

Board Positions and Government Task Forces

South Bay Business and Environmental Coalition
Chairperson (current), Vice Chairperson (previous)// 2009 – Present
SBBEC is a volunteer organization providing collaborative opportunities and sharing of expertise on environmental issues, including waste reduction and regulatory compliance between South Bay public and private entities.

California Green Business Network
Vice Chair (current), Acting Chair (April 2018-April 2019)// 2015 – Present
The CAGBN leads the state and nation in working with local businesses to create a vibrant green economy. Led by a coalition of cities and counties, we contribute by helping to make our communities healthier and more livable while also conserving resources and saving money.

Manhattan Beach Botanical Garden
Advisory Board// 2013-Present
Manhattan Beach Botanical Garden is a non-profit public education organization dedicated to promoting Earth-friendly gardening techniques, encouraging the use of drought-tolerant plants including California natives, and conserving our natural resources.

South Bay 350 Climate Action Group
Advisory Board// 2014 – 2017
South Bay 350 Climate Action Group is the local Los Angeles 350 representing the Beach Cities residents, businesses, community organizations and government officials to address the impacts of climate change and our response to it in order to preserve and protect our coastal home.

Co- Founder, President, and Vice President //1991 – 2016
greenerVOICE (Volunteers, Organizations Improving the Community’s Environment) is a non-profit educational organization focused on cooperative and individual action to improve our environment. Co-director of the annual Earth Day Music and Celebration in Manhattan Beach for 20 years (over 3000 attendees).

City of Hermosa Beach Green Task Force
Committee Chair // 2009 – 2011
Led the successful passage of a Polystyrene Take-Out Container Ban; Established criteria for new waste contract RFP to include unit pricing “Pay As You Throw” rate structure and Greenwaste Recycling; Developed a Preferable Purchasing Policy; Created Sustainability Plan for Events/Permits; Assisted in development of a Climate Action Plan to reduce the City’s greenhouse gas emissions policies.

California Resource and Recovery Association (CRRA) – member

U.S. TRUE Zero Waste Business Council – founding member